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Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

game: The Settlers 3 PCG (PC-ziddu)

. Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

he Settlers III is the latest title in a tremendously popular series of games which has sold over 1 million copies. It's an immense god sim with a real-time, strategic simulation of prosperity, tactics, combat and growth.

Control the full cycle of your civilization's evolution, from the initial planning and building of its infrastructure, to the full-blooded conflict of race against race in the quest to expand your power and domination. Before you start conquering your neighbors, however, you ll first need to create a sustainable economy from the interdependent activities of agriculture, industry and trading.

The Settlers III is built upon a combination of vibrant colors, exacting detail and non-stop gameplay, and populated by restless characters of hypnotic charm and humor. The on-screen experience successfully translates the immense depth, intelligence and strategic complexity of the game into an entirely absorbing and addictive player-friendly environment. It will not only engage the minds of the most discerning strategy player, but also capture the imagination of the fantasist within us all.

  • See 150 unique characters brought to life with over 50,000 phases of animation!
  • Build a flourishing economy with over 30 different trades: woodcutters, stonemasons, hunters, fishermen, farmers, brewers, miners, merchants, priests and many more!
  • Colonize new lands with lush rolling hills, sparkling rivers and seas teeming with wildlife and vegetation!
  • Over 110 different buildings can be built, many of which can be garrisoned for extra protection!
  • Set sail on merchant and transport ships, erect fortresses and towers. Lead archers, swordsmen and spearmen into battles raged in real-time!
  • Built-in training mission gives you the ability to start playing right out of the box!
  • Easily find friend or foe online -- wage team war, chat with players all over the world, play full tournaments and team up with over 10 players!
  • Supports direct play over the internet as well as LAN play!

System Requirements
OS: Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000 NT
CPU: Pentium 2
RAM: 128 MB
Video: TNT2

The Settlers 3
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